Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PSC Strangely Quiet?

It seems that with all the hue and cry about the problems at the Philip Services Corporation (PSC) waste treatment plant in Fairburn that they might be doing a bit more to respond to the complaints of the citizens than they have been.

I understand they are probably being counseled by their legal arm not to do anything to incriminate, but you'd think their public relations on this issue might be just a bit more in play.

As I've wandered around the Internet looking up PSC, I've noted they've had a number of problems over the years and have had a similar lack-luster response from what I could tell.

The Georgia EPD should be hanging their head in shame. They let this company go for 16 years without filing the required reports. PSC bought the company, had to go through all the required political and regulatory hoops to do so, yet they didn't pick up on the fact that their were reports to be filed? Did the EPD not send them or provide them with the requirements? Did they choose to ignore them?

I have been less than impressed with our state's response and with the response from the PSC on this one.

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