Sunday, October 01, 2006

Added another blog & update on Philip Services

I didn't want to clutter this blog with stuff about detox drops, zeolites and similar so I started a new blog titled Zeolites & Health. After reading so much about toxins over the past few months detoxing my body in any way I reasonably can has become a bit more important.

I signed up as a distributor for the Waiora Natural Cellular Defense after hearing so many good things from my friends & actually seeing results. You can read the Zeolites & Health blog for more on that if you're interested.

I'm taking the detox drops, the antioxidant capsule and at times drinking the detox tea. I'm a huge tea drinker anyway, so substituting a detox tea at times is no big deal for me!

The situation at the plant in Fairburn is pretty much stagnant on the state level it seems. A LOT of things have been happening with the Community Task Force (link on the side to their web site). More politicians are signing on saying the plant needs to be shut down. The problem with that is Philip Services can ignore them and they know it. The plant is legal and until the EPD and the state and county regulatory agencies refuse to renew their permits, they can do whatever they want.

The citizens around the plant are still smelling the onion odor in the evenings.

The plant has NOT submitted the required forms and reports for SIXTEEN years! The EPD porocess is hopeless if they aren't even aware that companies aren't submitting reports for that length of time!!!

I hope you'll read my new blog, Zeolites and Health. This blog focuses on toxins in the environment. The Zeolite and Health blog will focus on the personal health aspects.

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