Friday, June 13, 2008

Throwing Those Tomatoes In My Face

Gotta tell you. I'm shocked. That's all there is to it.

I visited a restaurant today in Tyrone and was served a tomato. Was it a cherry or a grape? Nope. It was a big old hunking slice of red tomato.

Now, with all the news and all the headlines, haven't the owners noticed there's a nationwide recall? I had to ask them.

"Where are these tomatoes from?"

"The box said Florida."

"Ok. When did you get them?"

"We buy them at the farmer's market."

What was wrong with that statement? It was only yesterday that some counties in Florida were approved to start shipping them again. How does the restaurant know they were shipped after being approved? How does the restaurant know they were from Florida? I mean, anyone could throw a bunch of tomatoes they wanted to sell into an old box.

Me thinks the restaurant doesn't know. Me thinks they don't read the news. Me thinks I won't be eating there soon.

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