Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nothing Toxic About Sarah Palin

There's nothing toxic about Sarah Palin... unless you happen to be on "the other team". I can't remember when a choice made by any political party has so energized a group! I wasn't particularly involved when Geraldine Ferraro was picked as VP on the Democratic side so I can't compare this to then. It seems she was truly picked just to try and give a token nod to women.

The Dems are saying Palin was a contrived pick to get the women. To me that is demeaning. What they're basically saying is that any woman would have brought the women (aka pied piper rats?) to the voting booth. I have news for you guys, we are picky about who we support, man or woman.

Palin is the entire package. She has balanced family and job and still managed to look good doing it. She doesn't seem to ruffle easy, she's not intimidated by the good-old-boys and man is she sharp.

There is electricity in the air. McCain showed the Democrats what "change" is all about. It's not a guy who has spent his life re-writing himself and grooming himself to be the President. This is what real is all about. This is what change is all about.
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