Thursday, February 05, 2009

CEA’s Shapiro Responds to House Action to Change DTV Transition Deadline to June 12, 2009

TT Note: Why did the government step in on this issue? Education of the public has been ongoing for over a year, and now the feds say there hasn't been enough time for about 6.5 million families to get ready?

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®) President and CEO, Gary Shapiro today issued the following statement regarding the action in the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the date U.S. broadcasters transition from analog to digital television (DTV):

“Our nation is leading the world in the digital migration, and CEA again pledges full support for a successful transition to digital television. We will quickly update our consumer education material as necessary and we will devote a significant portion of our Washington Forum event in April to DTV education.

“As CEA has repeatedly cautioned, this date change will inject uncertainty into the market and may result in a shortage of converter boxes, because manufacturers and retailers planned box inventory based on a February 17 transition date. CEA urges Congress and the Administration to take the necessary steps to ensure converter box availability and to urge consumers to act immediately to enjoy the benefits of DTV.”

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