Saturday, July 04, 2009

American Society of Anesthesiologists Releases Following Statement Related to Media Inquires Regarding Michael Jackson's Death

TT Note: While the official cause of the death of Michael Jackson is still being determined in the laboratory setting, it would appear that the entertainer most likely had a long history of drug addiction. His death is so very sad on many levels. He was a brilliant entertainer, a man of vast talent, but a very lost soul. Perhaps his death will serve as a wake up call to some other people who suffer from his type of alleged drug problems.

/PRNewswire/ -- In response to breaking news of drugs reportedly found at the scene of Michael Jackson's death, the American Society of Anesthesiologists releases the following statement:

"The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), which is made up of physicians providing professional anesthesia care, does not know the specific circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson's death. However, the ASA unequivocally maintains that Diprivan, or its generic name Propofol, is a drug meant only for use in a medical setting by professionals trained in the provision of general anesthesia. Though the drug is often used for procedures requiring sedation, patients can have extremely variable responses to the drug and some patients can become completely nesthetized, including losing the ability to breath. Diprivan should never be used outside of a controlled and monitored medical setting. Use of the drug should be directly supervised by a physician trained in anesthesia and qualified to provide physiologic rescue should too much drug be given."

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