Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pampers Statement in Response to Dry Max Class Action Lawsuit

/PRNewswire/ -- Intensive safety assessments, clinical testing, and consumer testing before, during, and after the launch shows that Pampers Dry Max is safe and does not cause skin conditions. Further review by pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists, and children's public health risk experts confirm these findings. While we have great empathy for any parent dealing with diaper rash - a common and sometimes severe condition - the claims made in this lawsuit are completely false.

Diaper rash affects more than 2.5 million babies at any given moment, and 250,000 cases are typically severe. In other words, one out of every four babies at any given time will be experiencing diaper rash. To attribute these conditions to the Dry Max disposable diaper is incorrect and misguided. Such a misperception only contributes to the real problem, which is lack of awareness of the nature and cause of diaper rash, and may cause some parents to delay pursuing important and timely treatment. Our own research, validated by outside experts and physicians, shows that Dry Max is a wonderful product that helps keep babies away from the very wetness that may contribute to rashes in the first place.

We continue to encourage all of our customers seeking honest answers concerning our products and the well-being of their children to contact us toll-free at 1-800-PAMPERS, and we want to reassure them once again that, although some attorneys may wish to profit from rumors and misinformation, the Dry Max product is completely safe and does not cause skin irritations. We have every confidence that we will prevail in this meritless lawsuit.

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