Friday, November 19, 2010

Beware of the Break Up Email

What fun!  Today, I received a delightful email which immediately went into the trash.  It appears the writer of the email worded it in a decidedly hostile manner. 

What was so fun about the email was it was allegedly addressed to the young female who was his, er, partner.  Then why was the email addressed to so many recipients? 

In the email, the writer has promised to upload any and all acts online so the world can enjoy their alleged antics.  Wow.  If so many recipients have been so intimately involved with the writer of the email, then he was one busy character.  No wonder he had to send it to any mailbox he could.  He couldn't remember their names!

Scam?  I think so.  Trash?  I know so.

Beware of any email that trashes the alleged recipient.  You don't want to be a victim of malware.

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