Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Honey Update...

Just got back from Kroger & they must have read my blog (uh huh)... They have Tupelo honey again in the large containers. I'm happy.

I'm going to be shopping more at Kroger. I stopped at the local Wal-Mart yesterday and they're not carrying many of the things they had LAST week. They ditched Cascadia organic frozen veggies!!! NO organic frozen veggies now. They're engergy drink prices are higher or the same as Kroger (shock) and they're continually out of the really good ones and have a poor selection when compared to other stores.

They are carrying more organics like I mentioned in an earlier blog. However, their rising prices on other staples are giving me good reason to shop closer to home. I did some price shopping yesterday and was really surprised. The milk I buy was one penny cheaper than Kroger.

Guess it goes to show that it's worth paying attention to sales and not just sticking with a place 'cause it's touted to be less expensive. I like cleanliness, helpful staff and a good selection. I'll pay a few pennies more to get the first two.

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