Thursday, March 15, 2007


I use honey, Tupelo honey to be exact, instead of sugar or the fake stuff. I've gone round and round for years on which is best. I went sugarless (including honey & substitutes for too many years to count). Then I went on a sugar binge (stress? can't even remember what led me to pick up that first cookie!).

My butt got bigger (not just 'cause of the sugar, but it sure didn't help!). So, in my major dieting period, I switched to sugar substitutes. As the new improved models were introduced I switched. Each time I'd have read all kinds of horror tales about the substitute I was using, so I'd be primed and ready to try something new.

Of course, none of the sugar substitutes are good for your body. Stevia seemed to be the best bet but I really can't handle the taste. Even with the new and much, much better stevia's running around out there, they still can't make it taste like the sugar I grew addicted to as a child.

So, reading and reading, and talking and talking... I am now using honey. Unfortunately, it has calories (60 per tablespoon). But, on the plus side, it metabolizes slower in your system and it does taste good.

Tupelo honey supposedly doesn't crystallize like the other types. It's great in hot tea.

Aside from honey in my hot tea, I don't eat sugar or honey in anything. I did a three day fast and at the end of that time somehow I was "miraculously" cured of my sugar addiction. Except when it came to hot tea, my staple, my wake-up in the morning and get ready for bed elixir.

The real reason for this post is not to tell you all about my sugar habits (although that's what it turned into, didn't it?). I have been searching the world for the best place to buy honey at a reasonable price in the Atlanta area.

You might be surprised where I found the best prices... First I hit the health food stores as I only wanted raw honey. I found what I was looking for and bought a nice size container. "Made" locally in Georgia, sold all over the place.

I figured that the DeKalb Farmer's Market would have the best prices, so on my monthly trip I compared brand-to-brand, size-to-size. Guess what? They were $2 HIGHER than the highest price I found at the little mom & pop health stores... hmmmm....

I took a look at Wal-Mart as they are now carrying a fantastic supply of organic foods. No luck, they didn't have any raw honey.

So, I figured I'd stick with the health food stores until... until... I happened to stop in our local Kroger grocery store. They were $2 CHEAPER than the health food stores. Wow, that's $4 cheaper than the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Only problem I have with Kroger is that they're continually out of the larger container of the Tupelo. They have all the others, clover, etc., etc. so I might have to give them a try.

Just as a side note --- I've been comparing prices at the Dekalb Farmer's Market with Publix & Kroger since the honey shopping trip. They are higher than MANY other places. Can't beat their breads, great organic fresh veggies and fruits, but I'm now buying a lot of things locally that I used to pick up there.

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