Friday, February 01, 2008

Having a hard time getting tech support help?

80 percent of India's Internet service went down Wednesday night. Turns out two cables snapped and poof, Internet doesn't exist of much of the Middle East. As I type, Egypt is still almost completely down. Yep, the article below says they're getting sporadic service at best.

As I'm sure most know, India is now handling a large portion of our tech support and other type calls. I recently had a HUGE problem with Amazon and could only talk to people who definitely weren't located on this hemisphere. Snotty attitudes, horrible follow-up, such poor service that I cancelled my account with Amazon. I'll pay a bit more for good service any old day and I'll do without if it means dealing with attitudes.

If I had known that India was down yesterday, I might have spent a portion of the day calling tech support, Amazon and a few others just to have the refreshing opportunity to talk with someone without an accent.

I have yet to talk to someone from India who talked to me like I was not a bug they wanted to flick off their shoulder. I KNOW there are some great people in India, I have a good friend who originally hails from there. Love her, she's great people. Had a couple of doctors from India some years back, no problems.

I think these companies just hire snippy people. Could be a factor of how much they're being paid, too. Somehow it's cheaper for Amazon and other companies to pay long distance phone bills and pay the people than it is to hire folks here in the good ol' USA.

Wonder how the outage is affecting the financial markets here, and in the Middle East and Asia?

Here's an irreverent thought that will probably have folks yelling at me... Cows are sacred in India. I bet you won't find McDonald's, Burger King or any other meat selling company outsourcing to India .

India works to resume Internet services
NEW DELHI - Bandwidth providers said they expected India's Internet service to be back to about 80 percent of its usual speed by the end of Friday, a day after Internet service across a swath of Asia and the Middle East was disrupted.

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