Saturday, February 02, 2008

They're comin' to get you...

All you speed freaks better watch out, it's gettin' easier and easier for those spinning red and blue lights to catch you... (my nick-name when I was younger was lead-foot. While my foot has gotten a tad lighter, it's simply 'cause I made myself get a vehicle with less pickup that shakes when it hits those higher speeds!)

Laser Atlanta Rolls Out the Latest Weapon in the War on Speeders

ATLANTA (BUSINESS WIRE)--Law enforcement officers battling dangerous speeders have a new high-tech weapon in their arsenal, and it fits in the palm of a hand. The new SpeedLaser® B, for its compact binocular shape, is the smallest, lightest SpeedLaser on the market. (To see the SpeedLaser® B in action, go to

“This is the latest in a long line of innovations from Laser Atlanta and SpeedLaser to assist law enforcement officers in their daily efforts to make our highways safer places to travel,” said James Kelly, President and CEO of Laser Atlanta. “The new SpeedLaser B puts all of our frontline features like stealth, jammer detection and inclement weather modes into a rugged package that fits in the palm of your hand.”

Designed for use in a comfortable, horizontal position, the IACP-listed SpeedLaser B is as easy to use as a pair of binoculars. The vehicle’s speed in miles or kilometers and other user selected information appear in the intelligent LED head-up display that automatically rotates to either vertical or horizontal position. SpeedLaser is independently tested to obtain measurements in any type of weather and on vehicles at a farther distance than any other system. Jammers and detectors also failed to prevent a reading because of SpeedLaser’s proprietary Stealth Mode technology.

SpeedLaser is LIDAR or laser-based as opposed to RADAR, which provides several advantages including the ability to target a single vehicle on busy roadways and fast measurement speeds. With a target size of only 3” at 100 feet and the ability to take a reading of a targeted vehicle in just 0.3 seconds, speeding motorists have very little chance of detecting the SpeedLaser or slowing down before a speed reading is taken.

About Laser Atlanta

Since 1989, Laser Atlanta has been one of the leading innovators in the design, manufacture and sale of LIDAR products. We use our unique laser platform to provide ranging solutions for the military and civil engineering community. Since 1991, Laser Atlanta is the trendsetter for LIDAR speed detection devices for law enforcement. With the fastest acquisition time, longest range and proprietary Stealth mode, SpeedLasers produce tickets that stick even against drivers using jammers. With three models from which to choose, the best warranty in the business and all-weather use, SpeedLaser is the World’s Best for the World’s Finest.TM Visit for more information.

SpeedLaser and Laser Atlanta are registered trademarks of Laser Atlanta, LLC.

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