Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boycotts... do they work?

I've often wondered about boycotts of products, whether they have an impact or not. I've seen that bombarding companies with letters, phone calls, faxes and emails can work. I know that our politicians can be swayed at times when they're inundated with the same. But how successful are boycotts?

I have participated at times in a boycott of a product, but I get lazy after a while and sooner or later usually start buying the product again. Sometimes I find a new product to replace it and don't go back. However, even when I've decided to stop buying something, I've never followed up to see if it had any impact.

I would think that a boycott would have a much higher chance of succeeding if participants took the time to contact the company in question and let them know they wouldn't be buying whatever it was along with a reason for doing so.

Which reminds me. A few years or so ago I received an email about some company doing something that I thought was horrible. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was right now (brain is falling asleep, fingers are continuing to type). Anyway, I sent the company an email about whatever it was and received a very nice reply almost immediately with sufficient information to convince me they were not the big bad guys portrayed in the email. They sent links and documentation supporting their assertion, which I researched. I "assume" the email is still making the rounds, and that it was started either as a prank or by a disgruntled customer. What a devious way to get back at a company!

The following boycott is one I'll have an easy time participating in since I haven't bought a bottle of vodka in so long I can't remember the number (given that I couldn't remember the company I wrote about in the last paragraph are any of you surprised?).

I have been getting friends to move their accounts from Bank of America though. I had a problem with them before they started chasing after illegals. Clark Howard, of WSB Radio Atlanta fame, had a run in with them that showed me their true colors. Some kid got thrown in jail for cashing a check the bank told him to cash... they then went after him. It's a detailed story that I can't remember (that was a joke, I do happen to remember that one ;-). It is a long story though and if I remember at some point in the future I'll write about it! I only wish I'd had an account with them so I could have pulled my money out!

Which reminds me of another quick story. A friend of mine was sharing that she was getting ready to move her account from her bank. First, she was piling up as much money in the account as she could just so she would have the satisfaction of being able to walk in the bank one day and tell them to hand it all over! She's hoping they'll ask her why, and blanch when they see the amount she's taking with her. Love it!

I'm done. Here's the article:

100 American Organizations Launch Boycott of Absolut Vodka!

Over 100 American organizations dedicated to border security and the enforcement of existing immigration laws launched a nationwide boycott of Absolut Vodka today in response to their ad that ran in Mexico, which panders to a rising separatist movement inside the US, that is being fueled by illegal immigration.

The National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC) is known nationally for prior sustained boycotts against Miller Brewing and Bank of America for their support for illegal aliens in the US.

The NIIBC has launched a new website at www.boycottabsolut.com to inform American consumers and provide resources for citizens to engage in the boycott.

"Absolut vodka is trying to sell liquor to Mexicans that aspire to control the Southwest United States," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "The warning signs are everywhere. Illegal immigration is creating a rising threat to our existing border lines and the very existence of the United States. The separatist sentiments and animus towards America are prevalent in the Mexican population and the ranks of illegal aliens inside the US creating a clear and present danger to our nation. Everywhere we look, Global corporations have a hand in this brewing disaster and Absolut just made the list."

The 100 organizations supporting the boycott will be informing their collective hundreds of thousands of supporters using websites, e-mails, and talk radio shows.

The offensive Absolut ad was created by the Mexican advertising agency Teran/TBWA. The boycott website will also feature video, audio, and text evidence of the growing separatist movement in America to warn the public.

"Zogby polls tell us that most Mexicans feel they do not need American permission to enter the US and consider this land rightfully theirs. This invasion has leaders, groups, thousands of supporters on the streets, and global corporate support. It is time for Americans to fight back by boycotting businesses that support the separatist movement." said William Gheen.

For more information, please visit www.boycottabsolut.com, www.illegalimmigrationboycott.com or www.alipac.us

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