Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm not Catholic Bill Maher

I'm not Catholic Bill Maher, but I won't be watching your show ever again.

In this particular case, I think Protestants should stand with Catholics in letting their displeasure at Maher's statements regarding the Pope and Catholics be known. I plan to do so and I'm going to, as a friend says, put some feet with my words. I'm ditching HBO unless they ditch Maher.

I had heard the one snippet that's being played on television news until just a few minutes ago. I was shocked. But when I popped over to YouTube and listened to the entire rant by Maher, I was abhorred.

Maher plans to apologize tonight. There is no apology that Maher can make that will ever convince me that he is sincere. He was sincere when he spewed his hateful monologue. Even the studio audience seemed to be taken aback by what he had to say. Watch the clip I'm posting below, listen to the laughter when he trashes the sect in Texas, then hear the laughter when he goes after Christianity.

And yes, when Maher took on the Pope, he took on ALL Christians. Protestant roots are firmly entrenched in the Catholic Church. There are disagreements in many areas, if there weren't we'd still all be Catholic, but we're all Christians. We all believe in the same God. I know everyone gets sidetracked on technical issues... but honestly folks, do you really think when you're standing at the pearly gates someday that you'll hear "Oh, you believed in being baptized when you came of age --- you're wrong, you should have baptized your children at birth. Sorry, can't come in."

I took a side trip with that, didn't I? Back to Maher and his comments...

I'll be zapping an email to HBO letting them know I'm discontinuing my subscription unless they discontinue Maher. If they get enough flack, they'll cut him. But watch out, he'll either pop up somewhere else, or he'll be back on HBO after they think the stink has died down.

Here's the entire clip:

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