Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comcast hacked...

Hacked: ticked off, irritated, mad... If you're a Comcast email user you've been hacked and if you're normal, you're hacked about it. It's almost impossible to avoid being hacked if you're a large company these days. You're a big target waiting for some group or individual to figure out how to get past your safeguards.

Comcast got hit last night and they're still trying to recover. Luckily, I have email accounts set up on various websites and hotmail, but my Comcast email accounts are still down.

I tried calling Comcast when I noted a problem and saw on some blogs that it had been fixed. Mine wasn't so thought maybe I needed to do something on my end, so called. Most companies will have a canned message when you hit "tech support" indicating a company-wide problem. Not Comcast. I ended up on hold forever, finally gave up the ghost and figured they'd get it fixed sooner or later.

Why not have a message when you hit the "email problem" button? Why not have a message on Comcast.COM? Comcast.NET is still down as I type.

Why not send out a short release to the press saying there's an unknown problem and it's being fixed?

I read that it's a group calling themselves "Kryogenic Warlocks" on someone else's blog.

Just took a break and went to check and see what's being said now... there are some hacked people out there! Looks like some are actually doing better than I when it comes to talking to a live person at Comast. No estimates on time frame (how could they have an idea when they're still going through code and loopholes trying to close the doors to the hackers and find where they've possibly left malicious code?). Understand tech support has been rather rude to some people so maybe it's a good thing I didn't get through.

I have an email from one of my accounts on this computer going to my Comcast account on the other computer. It's sitting in my inbox, not going anywhere until the system is fixed. When I see it's gone I'll know they've fixed the problem (at least temporarily).

Guess I'll have to change my email passwords just to be on the safe side as they've probably been compromised...


Sarah said...

I called the Comcast 800 number last night and got a recording that said the system was experiencing difficulties. I was totally pleased with the message in that I knew it wasn't a problem with my computer. I don't understand why some people say they got hung up on when they called or were on hold forever. The 800 number worked just fine for me and I thought they got the message up really quickly.

jim said...

It's not the hacking in general that is scary right now, it's that Network Solutions has no idea how the hackers gained access. I mean, how did they get the account number or username, AND the password?