Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama Administration Abandons American Workers, Refuses to Implement E-Verify Requirement

/PRNewswire / -- Billions of dollars in stimulus aid can be used by federal contractors to hire illegal workers because of the Obama administration's cancellation of a requirement that they use the E-Verify system. As unemployment soars in the U.S., taxpayer-funded assistance will be used to hire illegal aliens, according to Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS).

"It is simply appalling that millions of Americans have lost their jobs, yet we are spending stimulus dollars to hire workers who have broken our immigration laws," said Diana Hull, the President of CAPS.

Nearly 6 million jobs have disappeared from the United States over the last year and a half, and unemployment hit a 25-year peak of 8.9% in April. The administration has promised to crack down on businesses that knowingly hire illegal workers, but it is delaying this measure to apply workplace rules to federal projects.

"Obama and other politicians claimed they were creating jobs for American workers with this huge stimulus package. Then they turn around and displace U.S. workers by failing to enforce our immigration laws," Hull noted.

The delay in the executive order until September was the fourth postponement this year. The new rule, if implemented, would require contractors to confirm the employment eligibility of all persons hired during a contract term with the federal government. E-Verify is free to employers, and 12 states now have some form of legislation to mandate its usage.

"Cancellation of E-Verify is unforgivable because this program is so effective. It is a clear signal that effective immigration enforcement is not a real goal of this administration," said Hull. "Struggling American workers and their families deserve better."

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Brittanicus said...

Because E-Verify really--WORKS--and is efficient, we must understand why it is delayed, weakened or even killed? The free traders, open border cartels don't like it. It cuts into their enormous profits of using cheap labor? The corporate world, the giant agricultural consortium's, don't want pay for for the schooling, health care or the undisclosed benefits that illegal aliens tap into---that's the responsibility of --YOU--the taxpayer? How dare you decide that employers should pay for anything at all? Except for a minimum wage if illegal laborers are lucky? Why should they pay their share, when it can be off-loaded onto the gullible American.

If we are forced into another AMNESTY, then the consequences will be on a financial cataclysmic scale. Not only will our taxes spiral up, but we can expect millions of family members to follow on, under the family reunification act. Once here the senile, handicapped can tap into our overwhelmed social security, that will hurt senior citizens and our broken health care system. But that is just the start?

Millions of more impoverished, uneducated who have been patiently waiting just across the border, will pour into America looking for a third amnesty and more welfare handouts. We have seen the crash of the great state of California, with their lawmakers scrambling for an answer to a 47 billion dollar deficit that has been partly caused by it's Sanctuary State policies. Our own children are held to ransom in overcrowded classrooms, where the second language is English. Let foreign governments educate their children, not the American taxpayer. Hold these Democrats feet to the fire in hopes of keeping their job? Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Feinstein, Napolitano and all the involved in dropping E-Verify, and undoubtedly using it as a pawn to pass another taxpayers nightmare AMNESTY? It's carefully placed ruse to lower American wages for the free movement of cheap labor in our nation.

OVERPOPULATION will be our future, with all the environmental concerns that are minimal now. But will accelerates to a massive overload of traffic congestion, pollution and shortages of everything including energy and drinking water.

We must demand the use of E-verify, that will send illegal labor packing. All employers must receive mandatory prison sentences, for they are the parasites that attract cheap labor. Illegal Immigration effects everybody, your taxes, your jobs, your language, your culture, your moral integrity, your religion. YOU CAN MAKE AN IMMENSE DIFFERENCE? Senate & Representative for your contact at: (202) 224-3121: THESE PEOPLE ARE YOUR PUBLIC SERVANTS AND
SWORE AN OATH TO YOU?. Demand E-Verify today. SAY NO TO AMNESTY! Look for honest facts at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH.

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