Thursday, December 03, 2009


Has anyone else noticed how the food industry is shorting us? I know times are tough and they're doing what they need to do to stay afloat in many cases, but grrrrrrrr....

What am I talking about?

My frozen egg muffin company has cut the piece of cheese (small though it already was) in half. The price of the package is still the same, I just get less cheese per sandwhich. I know because I eat them often enough and always break the frozen cheese in half and put it on each side of the egg before nuking. Now there's not enough for one side.

I grabbed a couple of the drinks I regularly buy out of the fridge the other day. I probably wouldn't have noticed for a while if I hadn't taken two out, but one was 16 oz (the latest batch I bought) and the other was 20 oz. Same look, same cost, smaller bottle. Now all of a sudden I'm only able to find the drinks in the 16 oz size. I checked my stash, bought over multiple visits to the store, to check to make sure I wasn't nuts. Nope, they've always been 20 oz drinks.

The frozen meatless sausage I always buy? Until the last package I purchased, it had six servings. Now there are five. They're shorting me two sausages. Again, if I didn't buy it regularly I wouldn't have noticed. The price has gone up on those, so now I'm only going to buy them when they're on sale. Course, that'll mean that pretty soon there will only be 4 servings in a package .

I think it's sneaky. I understand the reasoning behind the move, but it's still sneaky. Unless you're really watching, and buy the product often enough to be aware, your grocery costs are going up and yet the bill looks the same.

Anyone else noticing this new "trick"?

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