Friday, December 28, 2007

Veeeerrrryyy Interesting

The Fayette Front Page put number trackers on all of their blogs (along with the ability for people to sign up for email notification when blogs are updated). Then they put a bunch of the blogs across the top of the page to let their readers know about the blogs.

This one is topping the charts.

I think it's the title.

But here's the question: Is it because it's a catchy title or is it because people are drawn to the negative?

Next in line numbers-wise are State and National Election News (SNEN) and The Barefoot Photographer.

Now the numbers include people from anywhere who hit on the blogs, not just people coming from my current home, Fayette County, GA. I can see that with all the interest in the Presidential elections that the SNEN column would be getting a lot of pings given the number of candidates that it's keeping up with.

The Barefoot Photographer is a great blog for those who enjoy photography. The writer, Donna Rosser, has a photography club at the Fayette Art Center and Gallery, plus she teaches. Love her work.

Back to the question of human nature. Because that's what my original question was really about. Are we drawn to the negative? Is it human nature or have we been trained by the media, the movies, the television programs, the news?

Or, do you simply like the title?

Me, I love the title.

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