Sunday, December 30, 2007

Violent Border Smugglers Scare U.S. Scientists

Reading a title about violent border smugglers, the first thing I'd think was there were problems in any part of the world but the United States. But no, this article is about our southern border with Mexico. It's hard to imagine trucks full of gun-toting smugglers coming easily across our borders. Reading the article below brought home the seriousness of the problem in ways that none of the other articles I've read have done thus far.

We have a huge problem. Our politicians seem to be making token attempts to placate those who raise a fuss about illegal aliens, drug smuggling and the potential for terrorists to walk across our border. The louder the up swell of our discontent the more token bandaids they plaster. The problem is we don't need bandaids, we need serious surgery along with heavy antibiotics.

I understand it's another one of those huge, complicated problems that could have been solved easily years back. Now it's grown to be such a monster that any solution is going to hurt someone somewhere. Somehow we've got to figure out a way for the business faction, the various political factions and any other factions involved to see the big picture.

Violent Border Smugglers Scare U.S. Scientists
Fox News / PHOENIX — Biologist Karen Krebbs used to study bats in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the Arizona-Mexico border. Then, she got tired of dodging drug smugglers all night.

"I use night-vision goggles, and you could see them very clearly" — caravans of men with guns and huge backpacks full of drugs, trudging through the desert, Krebbs said. After her 10th or 11th time hiding in bushes and behind rocks, she abandoned her research.,2933,319028,00.html

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