Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bible Reading Mom Kicked Off Bus

Snapshot: A mother in Texas was reading to her children from the Bible on a bus. They were headed to church. The bus driver asked her to stop. She refused. They called another bus, kicked her off the main bus, took her to church in a separate bus.
Toxic. I think, based one what little is included in the full story below, this is toxic.

Unless the woman was reading at the top of her lungs, I have a serious problem with anyone going to the extremes the bus company went to stop this woman from reading the Bible to her children.

Have you ever been on a bus where some obnoxious boor was waxing eloquent about his or her exploits? Have you ever had a mentally challenged individual sing? Have you been entertained by someone who decided to read their poetry verse out loud? Have you been on a subway where someone played their boom box loud enough for others to hear?

Do ya think that the bus would stop and provide another means of transportation for any of the individuals above?

I think that every member of every church in the town in Texas should start riding the buses. And reading. Anything. Bibles, their kids school books, the newspaper... How many buses can the company provide for people choosing to read to their children?

Maybe people should start requesting a separate bus, forwarn the bus company that they were going to be reading to their children thus they needed a separate conveyance to avoid bugging the bus driver.

There is common courtesy that should be employed on any public transportation. But it isn't. For every decent person who respects the right for peace in public there is one who believes they have the right to get in their face. If they're obnoxious they get bumped or arrested.

Most people would be thrilled that a parent was willing to read to her children... that she was doing something with them,... that she would spend her money on bus fare to take them to church.

At a minimum the bus company over-reacted. In my estimation, they were flat out wrong.

Here's the stories:

Texas Woman Forced to Leave Bus After Reading Bible Out Loud
A Texas woman is demanding an apology from her city’s mass transit system after she was booted off a bus for reading the Bible aloud, MyFoxDFW.com reported Monday.

Bible-Reading Woman Kicked Off Fort Worth Bus
FORT WORTH -- A Fort Worth woman wants an apology from the city's mass transit system because of how she was treated Saturday while on her way to church. Christine Lutz claimed she was kicked off The T for reading the Bible aloud to her children.

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