Wednesday, January 16, 2008

OK, who do YOU think is at fault here?

Alright, here's the scenario. A 31 year old woman driving with an expired car registration. When they check it turns out this will be her 76th ticket. Yep, 76th. She owes close to $19,000 in fines. Yep, nineteen thousand in unpaid fines and court fees.

How does anyone get away with 76 traffic tickets and still end up driving? I know when I was younger I walked away from being ticketed a few times just because the cop either liked me or felt sorry for me, not sure which. I know how just having the lights pop on behind my car filled me with extreme trepidation. OK, they scared me half to death.

So I'll ask again... how in the world do you walk away from 75 tickets? Texas is supposed to be tough on crime. Somehow I think that this woman is going to pay her current bail, go out, grab a drink and get behind the wheel of a car again.

Yep. 76 tickets will land you in jail
HARLINGEN, Texas - Tickets for expired car registration usually don't result in jail time. Unless, of course, that ticket is a driver's 76th. Valerie Ortiz Sanchez, 31, was arrested Monday during a routine traffic stop when officers discovered she had 76 outstanding traffic warrants and nearly $19,000 in unpaid fines and court fees dating back nine years.

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