Thursday, January 03, 2008

Weis Markets Announces Voluntary Recall of Weis Baker's Basket 18 Ct Fruit Miniatures and 2 lb Platters of Mini-Fruit Diamonds

Toxic Note: I see a LOT of this type recall.

A lot of people with nut allergies have SERIOUS nut allergies. They could die from eating nuts.

How is it that companies don't know they have nuts of some sort in their products?

I know a little 9 year old girl with a nut allergy. She wouldn't die from eating them, but it does affect her and if I understand correctly, at any point it could become serious. Or she could outgrow it. Either way, right now this little 9 year old can pick up a package, scan the ingredients in about two seconds flat and tell me whether there's anything nut related in it. She can't have anything that used a nut based or related oil. She knows which brand of refrigerator cookie is OK, which one is not.

These companies, who could suffer serious, serious, losses if anyone suffered from their mix up, can't figure out whether there's something nut related in their foods before shipping them off to stores?

The recalls don't normally say where the products are made, although they'll tell you where the stores are located that are selling the products. I'm wondering if this is something similar to the Chinese and their love of lead-based paints on our toys. Is the food being manufactured in another country where they either don't have the same concerns, or... do they enjoy seeing how many Americans drop before anyone figures out it's some obscure nut problem? How many companies can we take down? How much damage can we do?

Who knows. Toxic things cross ones mind when looking at all the recalls that drop into my in-box at the Fayette Front Page.

Here's the recall:

Weis Markets Announces Voluntary Recall of Weis Baker’s Basket 18 Ct Fruit Miniatures and 2 lb Platters of Mini-Fruit Diamonds Due to Undeclared Allergen (Walnuts)

Weis Markets today said it has initiated the voluntary recall of its Weis Baker's 18-count Fruit Miniatures and two pound platters of Mini-Fruit Diamonds in four varieties – Nut Diamond, Cheese Raspberry, Apricot and Mixed assortment. These products are being recalled because they may contain walnuts which are not identified on the label.

People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to walnuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

These products, which were sold in Weis Markets' Bakeries, have been removed from store shelves and destroyed. The 18-count Fruit miniatures come in clear plastic containers and the two pound Mini Fruit Diamonds are packaged in a platter with a clear top. The UPC and code dates are listed below.

This problem came to the company's attention after a customer complaint. Concerned customers may return this product to Weis Markets for a full refund. Customers with concerns or questions about this recall may contact Weis Markets' customer hotline at 866-999-9347, Extension 3, which is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Weis Baker's 18-count and two pound platters of Fruit Miniatures – Nut Diamond, Cheese Raspberry and Apricot are sold at Weis Markets including its Mr. Z's, King's and Scot's Lo-Cost units. Weis Markets operates 156 stores in five states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and West Virginia.

The UPC Codes for the recalled product with a sell by date up to 1/5/08 are:
UPC 210100-00000 18 Ct Fruit Miniatures
UPC 210112-00000 2 lb Fruit Miniature Platters

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