Friday, January 11, 2008

Mannequin Stolen From Washington Police Car

Toxic Note: Let this be a lesson. All dummy's should come equipped with GPS. There are many more nasty little thoughts that went through my head regarding dummy's sitting in police cars, but I'll avoid the obvious and let you have some fun.

LACEY, Wash. — Sure, Trevor was a dummy, but police want him back — and whoever stole the uniformed mannequin from a patrol car could face felony charges.
Trevor, outfitted with sunglasses and a uniform, routinely sat in a Lacey police car for a couple of hours at a time as a reminder to motorists to slow at key places in this town north of the state capital of Olympia. On Friday, police said, the driver's side window was broken and Trevor was nowhere to be found.,2933,322008,00.html

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