Saturday, January 12, 2008

Still not gonna eat oysters

Toxic Note: OK, since I posted the warning about oysters (recall, bad toxic oysters) two stories have been posted about people finding pearls in those nasty, slimy critters. Pearls that are worth one heck of a lot of money. Oysters for life if you like 'em.

If I thought there was a fairly good chance I'd be lucky number three, I might start buying them simply to cut 'em open and look. I still wouldn't eat them. And I'm not sure I could stand to touch them either. It's hard to open those shells.

Given the fact that I have yet to win even $50 in the lottery I think I'll save my money and fingers.

New Jersey Man Discovers Pearl in Fried Oyster
WASHINGTON BOROUGH, N.J. — Two weeks after a Florida man found a rare pearl in his seafood, it's happened again — this time to a New Jersey man who was eating fried oysters.
Mike McHenry thought he had chomped down on a piece of shell Wednesday night and instead spit out a pea-sized pearl.,2933,322306,00.html

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