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Student Loans, Nurses & Medical Care

A week or two ago I received an update from the Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses. Typically I just scan the reports looking for local names. If there's a problem we post them on the Fayette Front Page or the Georgia Front Page.

Until I started wandering through all the releases coming from various places, I had no idea there were so many Boards overseeing almost every facet of worker imaginable. More on that some other time...

What struck me when I read through the release (posted below) was the number of nurses defaulting on their student loans.

I was under the impression that hospitals and doctors were crying out for more nurses. It seemed to be a field where shortages were rampant.

Also, I've been told, that the pay is fairly decent. So why are all these people defaulting on their loans? They lose their license and thus can't work in the field they studied.

It seems to me that the schooling to become a nurse is pretty demanding and takes a bit of self-discipline. If Jay Leno stopped me on the street for a Jay Walk session and asked a multiple choice question on which profession would be the least likely to default on student loans, nursing would be the first I'd probably cross off the list.

I don't know the stats on which professions default the most. I have no idea what the overall loan default percentages are either.

What do they do when they lose their license? Can you imagine the stress these folks were under as they were harassed and badgered to pay the monthly payments? Had they already decided to get out of nursing or been forced out? Where are these people now? What profession do you choose after you fail as a nurse? Is there really a shortage of nurses? Is it possible these folks never managed to find a job in nursing? I would be they started out in college or technical school with high hopes. What happened?

There are some others on the list who have had their licenses revoked. Drugs. Arrests. But there are only a few.

Maybe there should be some mandatory financial training classes in college. Make it a core class and make them take a minimum of one class per year of training. Balancing checkbooks, handling loans, finance and related areas should also be a mandatory class taken every year of high school. Teach kids not to live above their means. Teach them how credit cards siphon off future financial stability.

The people on the list below were probably a cut above the norm. They wanted a future and were willing to study hard to get it. It's a shame they ended up on the default list, whatever the reason.

Actions Taken by the Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses at its January 9 and 10 Meeting

The Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses held its bi-monthly meeting on Wednesday, January 9 and Thursday, January 10, 2008.

The Board voted to suspend the following licenses because the licensees defaulted on student loans:

Akina S. Hines, Camilla
Alantria N. Flowers, Cuthbert
Albertha Pinckney-Smith, Savannah
Amanda R. Peacock, Cordele
Ame L. Gilbert, Barnesville
Amy L. Morris, Glennville
Andtria L. Williams, Jonesboro
Angela N. Troup, Vidalia
Anita L. Prichard, Dawsonville
Antoinette A. Williams, Atlanta
April A. Ross (Renfroe), Milledgeville
Aqueelah Beyah, Lithonia
Arlene H. Gantt, Hephzibah
Arlisa Jones, Bainbridge
Ashlee J. Middleton, Blakely
Belinda H. Braswell, Metter
Brandy D. Newsome, Vidalia
Callie J. Jackson, Lincolnton
Carla T. Thomas, Valdosta
Cassandra Dallas, Austell
Cathy D. Bowen, Milledgeville
Charlene L. Hare, Carnesville
Charleset H. Williams, Martinez
Christina M. Gurka, Lakeland
Christy L. Lindsey, Thomaston
Clyde A. Wilson Jr., Brandon, MS
Crystal Lawanda Davis, Atlanta
Crystal Lynn Taylor, Macon
Cumonica L. Shedrick, Albany
Darrik J. Garth, Austell
Deanna M. Smith, Fitzgerald
Deanna M. Young, Blackshear
Deborah J. Smith, Stockbridge
Debra A. Strange, Bonaire
Deloris C. Lunsford, Tifton
Derrick G. Shorts, Atlanta
Desianne L. Devine, Register
Donna A. Winn, Allegan, MI
Donna D. Giddens, Ocilla
Dontressa L. Murray, Lincolnton
Elaine M. (Mickens) Merritt, Stone Mountain
Ernestine N. Bass, Warner Robins
Evangela H. Hampton, Tifton
Felicia A. Battle, Thomasville
Felicia A. Riles, Augusta
Gail B. Brown, Decatur
Genise Spires, Eastman
Gillian M. Nelson, Macon
Gladys N. Leaks, Thomasville
Gloria J. Sloan, Thomasville
Grace Enweani, Austell
Hattie Gibbs, Albany
Helen J. Smith, Douglas
Jacklyn D. Davis, Twentynine Palms, CA
Jacqueline S. Deaton, Watkinsville
James T. Worthey, Atlanta
Jamie E. Moody, Ludowici
Janet A. Green, Macon
Janiel R. Walton, Hephzibah
Jason E. Muder, Rome
Jeanne M. Russell, Duluth
Jennifer Miller White, Moultrie
Jerry L. Brown, Thomasville
JoAnn J. Lewis, Stone Mountain
Joann Scruggs, Macon
Jodi M. Boykin, Covington
Jolisa L. Simpson, Baxley
Joyce A. Woniewala, Lawrenceville
Karen A. Brinson, Brunswick
Karen M. (McCann) Hood, Adel
Keaver M. Griffin, Macon
Keisa R. Presley, Baxley
Kimberly D. Rich, Ringgold
Kitrina W. Stubbs, Albany
Labrethia D. Cross, Rome
Lakesha E. Caldwell, Concord
Latasha V. Sterling-Hardson, LaFayette
Latashara Y. Thomas, Douglas
Lavette Denise Kindler, Duluth
Lee J. Tolbert, Hinesville
Lena S. Macdougald, Murphey, NC
Leta S. Gwin, Chatsworth
Lillian A. Newkirk, Dublin
Limiza W. Hubbard, Cordele
Linda D. Hortman, Pavo
Linda M. Young, LaFayette, LA
Lisa J. Rosson, Stone Mountain
Lisa M. Eads, Cartersville
Lisa V. Mobley, Braselton
Lori R. Norris, Loganville
Lynda Gaines, Macon
Lynette D. Dillingham, Augusta
Lynn S. Nichols, Mount Airy
Mable Brown, Albany
Maria P. Mock, Thomasville
Marietta D. Hardison, Leesburg
Mary E. Kendrick, Moultrie
Mattie Thigpen Murray, Thomasville
Melanie L. Grant, Thomson
Melanie M. Reese, Cordele
Nakema J. Cooper, Byron
Nathalie L. Wright, Savannah
Natosha L. Manning, Thomasville
Nedra L. Neal, Americus
Norissa A. Jett, Stone Mountain
Olga L. Alamilla, Fitzgerald
Pamela J. Waters, Milledgeville
Pansy M. Jones, Stone Mountain
Patricia A. Walker, Savannah
Paula Kleckley, Kathleen
Rebecca F. Mayfield, Buford
Rhonda R. Kendrick, Snellville
Robert Saxby, Macon
Robin W. Jones, Moultrie
Roosevelt Robinson, Decatur
Rowena L. Hamilton, Silver Creek
Sabrina L. Fife, Savannah
Sharon N. Richardson, Ivey
Sheila E. Smith, Statesboro
Sonja C. Williamson, Americus
Sonja D. Stokes, Griffin
Sonya E. Chandler, North Augusta, SC
Stephanie R. Hodges, Macon
Stephanie S. Frazier, Alpharetta
Stephannie M. Tumblin, Macon
Sylvia D. Gilchrist, Hephzibah
Sylvia V. Rawls, Sylvania
Tammy M. Reeves, Macon
Tara Lynn Crocker, Snellville
Tawanna L. Quiller, Thomaston
Theresa A. Lambert, Carrollton
Theresa Bennett Scott, Cordele
Theresa C. Bennett, Cordele
Theresa M. McCarter, Macon
Tiffiny N. Walker, Brunswick
Tina M. O’Neal, Dublin
Toni M. Frankum, Rabun Gap
Tonya D. Stroman, Marietta
Tonya Y. Wiley, Savannah
Torya C. Horne, Doraville
Travis N. Trammell, Atlanta
Valerie A. Gates, Decatur
Vernice M. Bailey, Metter
Vicki L. Floyd, Warner Robins
Vicki Lynn Floyd, Warner Robins
Virginia A. Feagle, McIntyre
Voneeka P. Campbell, Atlanta
Wendy J. Green, Austell
Wendy L. Nolan, Loganville
Wendy L. Tyson, Ocilla
Willie L. Bell, Bainbridge
Yarlardo L. Henderson, Atlanta

The Board voted to suspend the following license for failure to pay child support:

Wendy Janeen Green, Austell

The Board voted to ratify 152 licenses by endorsement, 43 licenses by re-instatement, and 189 licenses by examination.

The Board accepted the voluntary surrender of the following license:

Sharon B. Blaine, Morganton

The Board voted to accept the following Public Consent Orders that place licensees on probation:
Diana M. Jacobs, Douglas: Arrest/Conviction
Bethany Grace Simmons, Thomson: Substandard Practice
Cindie Kae Strickland, Pine Mountain: Impairment/Substance Abuse

In other Board news, the members of the Board elected their 2008 officers. Jane Harte of Savannah was elected President and Barbara Mitchell of Buena Vista was elected Vice-President. Mary Lynn Owensby of Madison was elected Cognizant Member.

The next meeting of Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5 and Thursday, March 6, 2008 beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Professional Licensing Boards in Macon.

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