Friday, January 11, 2008


Toxic Note: OK, I'm a vegetarian myself, but I think this is kind-a over the top... Not just kind-a over the top, it's so over the top I'm drowning in the overflow. If this guy isn't completely certifiably beyond-a-shadow of a doubt so mentally ill he needs a 24/7 straight jacket I think he should be cut up piece by piece, boiled and then fed to some nasty animal. He is an animal and should be treated like one...

PETA Asks That Accused Cannibal Not Eat Meat in Jail
Animal rights group PETA has asked the jail housing a man accused of murdering his girlfriend and possibly eating her body parts not to feed him meat, the activist organization told
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals faxed a letter Thursday to the Smith County Sheriff's Jail in Tyler, Texas, asking that 25-year-old Christopher Lee McCuin be placed on a strict vegetarian diet to prevent him from being "involved in any senseless killing" while he's behind bars, said PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich.,2933,322190,00.html

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