Monday, January 14, 2008

You can run, but you can't hide...

Seems we can't get away from cell phones, iPods, Blackberries (should it be Blackberrys? I know there's at least one grammar teacher in my readership ;-), and the like. Go to a restaurant and TVs are hung on the walls. Stand in line at Wal-Mart and many other stores and you can watch Jay Leno... and a whole bunch of advertising. Cars now have DVD players as part of the package and if your vehicle is too old to have that luxury you can pick up a portable that plugs into what used to be a cigarette lighter and is now a plug for laptops and other electronics.

We are connected. We are bombarded.

Personally, doesn't bother me a bit except the televisions. I choose restaurants where I can talk to whoever I'm with. I want to get away from the mind-numbing blare of the TV. I'd rather make friends with someone new in line at the store than have advertising pumped into my brain.

Microsoft's latest venture is rather interesting. They're collaborating to make a digital grocery cart console. You'll be able to find out where products are in the store, scan and pay for items and... listen to advertising. We're moving one more step away from interaction with people. Many stores now have the self service lines where you do it all yourself. This I gather is the next step, complete with advertising to pay for it.

Video ads are planned for grocery carts
SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. is bringing digital advertising to the grocery cart. The software maker spent four years working with Plano, Texas-based MediaCart Holdings Inc. on a grocery cart-mounted console that helps shoppers find products in the store, then scan and pay for their items without waiting in the checkout line.

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